Merlin, Fée de l’Ô & Danse ta Vie
Some days, my camera reveals other worlds that I cannot see with the naked eye. I become aware of this when I see the pictures on my computer screen. I like to think that my “paintings” will be successful if they awaken in those who look at them gratitude, joy, wonder, surprise, astonishment, and perhaps also questioning. I present to you : Merlin, Fée de l’Ô and Danse ta Vie.

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Each photograph is numbered and signed and a certificate of authenticity accompanies it.

The form allows you to choose the dimensions and indicates the price. You will receive by return of mail, the information for the possibilities of payment as well as the times of delivery and transport costs.


Printing :

Printing on aluminium (ChromaLuxeⓇ). This process offers the sublimation of the image. The blacks are deep and the rendering is almost three-dimensional. The resistance to scratches, UV and humidity gives an exceptional longevity to the print.

Framing :

Prints are sold unframed. Framing available on request.

Advice : 

Good lighting for a good result.